¡Hair color! Black/Dark Cherry Red

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So, I’ve been thinking [uh-oh]… I am going to dye my hair soon. I’ve never dyed my hair so I’m looking for a dramatic change, something edgy & sexy. It’s the perfect time of year to just go for it! If it turns out scary then I’ll blame it on Halloween, right!

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair jet black, it’s sexy, it’s chic and it’d make my icy blue eyes POP! I’ve always wanted a dark cherry red tone as well. The 1st pic shows a happy medium that isn’t too shocking and the 2nd style is more edgy!

We shall see what my Cousin Ali and I come up with, luckily she is a brilliant and beautiful hairdresser! She is one of the few people I trust coloring my hair!

I’m hoping mid-October I will have attained this sexy & edgy Black/Dark Cherry Red color!

Just typing my thoughts away….please share your thoughts 🙂


Sources: Pinterest – 2015 Hair Color Trends


New blogger, hello new friends!

Hi everyone! I enjoy writing and am happy to be on WordPress. I’m new so does anyone have advice? 

Writing is a beautiful escape. It helps me clear my mind, express myself & share hobbies or insights about this crazy life we live! 

I just began the “100 days of happy,” on social media. Today is day 5 & I came to WordPress hoping to be part of this amazing community of writers! I love that every article I’ve read follows with encouraging & supportive comments! It’s refreshing to feel the love! 

I’m here for good vibes, feel free to follow me! 


New Beginnings

    Cheers to New Beginnings!

Today is the day I begin blogging. To be honest I’ve written on a first generation blog but cannot recall the name – I’m talking before MySpace days.

I’m very excited to share my passions and thoughts! Of course, feedback is encouraged!

As you can tell I am a Wine connoisseur & love dance.

My goal is to brighten your day, intrigue, and challenge your way of thinking.



The Freelance Life: Revisiting a Writers’ Roundtable

The Daily Post

Earlier this year, we talked to four professional writers about the freelance life, getting paid to write, and writing for free and exposure. If you missed it the first time, be sure to read this roundtable, full of great advice for new and aspiring writers in particular.

Here are highlights from the Q&A:

Give us a breakdown of your typical day.

Every day is different. I start by reading the New York Times. I listen to BBC World News or two great WNYC radio shows, The Brian Lehrer Show and The Leonard Lopate Show, from which I get story ideas and learn about the world.

I start work by 10:00 am — I’m not a morning person! If I’m working on a story, and usually several at once, I’m seeking sources, conducting interviews, writing, reading, or revising the pieces and answering questions from my editors.

Like most working…

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Taste the fruits of life by dancing. When happy, DANCE. When sad, DANCE. When in doubt…you know…DANCE!